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YC Siem Reap Vlog

YC Siem Reap Vlog

So this is a cheeky behind the scenes look at our time travelling in Siem Reap. We spent 10 days filming almost every single day in order to make the listings on our site and it was very hot and sweaty work.

As you can see we did have a lot of fun travelling in Siem Reap as we do with every video we produce and we really enjoyed exploring all of the beautiful temples and finding hidden places we’d never seen before. The moment that we discovered the famed stegosaurus was pretty exciting for us all.

It’s hard to explain just how vast the Angkor temple complex is. We bought a three day pass in order to really get in and around as many of the temples as possible. Of course not everybody will have that amount of time to spare so make sure that you do the research and decide exactly what you want to see. To find out more about the various temples at Angkor, check out our Siem Reap attractions listings.   

After we finished travelling in Siem Reap & exploring the temples at Angkor, we rode all the way out to Banteay Srei on rented moto’s. Here you will find some of the most intricately crafted temples in Cambodia. Although nowhere near as large as the temple complex at Angkor, Banteay Srei is certainly worth visiting. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and the temple carvings there are quite astounding to say the least.

The temple was built sometime in the 10th century and was dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva.

During our time travelling in Siem Reap we made sure to visit the Tonle Sap lake. The Tonle Sap which translates into great lake is a vast expanse of fresh water and home to many floating village communities. The lake is attached to the Tonle Sap River which is famed for its annual reverse flow during the monsoon season.

We went out on the Queen Tara and the team would certainly recommend a day trip with them, we had good food, drink and a beautiful and relaxing cruise around the lake.

Of course Siem Reap wouldn’t be Siem Reap without a bit of fun in and around the pub street area. The main strip is certainly a tourist magnet but if you delve into the back streets you can find some unique bars & restaurants. Personally we love Miss Wong’s for its Chinese Maoist style décor and intimate atmosphere.

Like all long trips the team unfortunately lost a few items, but not equipment thankfully. T-shirts weren’t returned from the laundry on occasions and one of the team managed to break their own shoes walking around Angkor which was quite amusing to us all. 

We hope that you enjoy this video and that it will inspire you to get out there and experience everything that Siem Reap has to offer, we do apologize for the use of any bad language, but we are only human after all. 

Don’t forget if you like what we do please live it, love it and share it with the team at Your Cambodia. 


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