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YC Behind The Scenes 2

YC Behind The Scenes 2

We made this Cambodia travel video as a one minuet teaser for instagram, we may or may not release it in full on social media. 

It’s a quick behind the scenes look at some of the fun we had when making the listings for our site. A large portion of the video is taken from our coastal trip but some scenes are also from our Siem Reap trip. 

The motorbike scenes are from Bokor Mountain and although one us isn’t wearing a helmet that is for a staged shot only and we strongly advise that you always abide by the law and wear a helmet. We also strongly advise that you experience the ride up and down Bokor Mountain. The road is very smooth and he ride itself is breathtaking, we experienced monkeys running across the roads and clouds covering the mountain and engulfing the road as we drove up and down this causes large drops in temperature that really add to the atmosphere. 

As always we hope that you enjoy our Cambodia travel video and please feel free to live it, love it and share your experiences with the YC team.  

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