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Your Cambodia is proud to partner with the most loved beer in Cambodia, the Kingdoms very own Angkor Premium Beer, in presenting the most exciting and informative content from around the Kingdom, together Your Cambodia & Angkor beer will form a partnership that truly inspires. 

Angkor Premium Beer was launched in 1992 and has evolved to become the most popular beer in the Kingdom of Cambodia, truly earning itself the moniker ‘the most loved beer in Cambodia’ that goes together with its aptly named tagline “Our Country Our Beer”.

Brewed with the soft spring water from the mountains of Sihanoukville coupled with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, Angkor Premium Beer has earned itself numerous Gold Awards from Monde Selection, an international quality institute – making this quality lager a national pride. Backed by its international accolades, Angkor Premium Beer is also being exported to countries such as Australia, France, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan and United States.

We, at Your Cambodia, invite you to experience this golden liquid yourself and discover why Angkor Premium Beer is the most loved beer in Cambodia. After all, a trip to this country would not be complete without an ice cold Angkor Premium Beer.

From the food to festivals, to places and people – there is just simply so much to discover and experience in Cambodia! We hope that you will enjoy the content we have for you, and that you live it, love it and share it with us on social media and our website.

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