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Meet Cambodian Dentist Dr Heng Soklen

Meet Cambodian Dentist Dr Heng Soklen

Cambodia's Dental Industry Continues To Raise Standards

This month, we meet Cambodian dentist Dr Heng Soklen, who has been working with Denriche Asia Dental Clinic since 2016 to help raise dental health care across Cambodia.

Dr Heng Soklen is exactly the kind of dentist Denriche Asia Dental Clinic wants to invest in: young, talented, enthusiastic and eager to elevate oral hygiene standards and dentistry care throughout Cambodia.

Fresh from graduating from the University of Health Sciences in Phnom Penh, specialising in dentistry, in 2014, Dr Heng – also known as Dr Huang – was snapped up by NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) to work as a dentist and team leader of the organisation’s dental projects.

Here, he spent two years helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged children that PSE work with, promoting dental health care, and carrying out checks and subsequent treatment. This gave him valuable experience and grounding to further his skillset.

In 2016, he was recruited by Denriche and has been brightening up patients’ smiles ever since. “I always wanted to go into the medical field,” says Dr Huang. “This is a dream for me and I enjoy working with all of the international clients.”

As an orthodontic GP, Dr Huang is able to carry out general oral care with patients, including check-ups and treatment. He is also a qualified Invisalign provider, which means he is certified to use orthodontic clear aligner technology in Cambodia as an orthodontic practitioner.

His ever-growing portfolio of qualifications in the field also includes an implant certificate from Phnom Penh’s University of Puthisastra, accredited by Dentsply Sirona. And he is eager to pick up more dental skills into the future, thanks to Denriche’s overarching commitment to develop and expand its employees’ talents.

Dr Huang, who is fluent in Khmer, English and Chinese, says, “I’m very interested in surgery and would like to learn more about that in the future. At Denriche, we have the chance to do courses and also learn from specialist Japanese dentists. I am able to get new knowledge from them, while using the latest technology from Japan.”

As well as his talents with patients in the clinic, Dr Huang’s experience working with PSE is being put to good use throughout Cambodia. As part of Denriche’s CSR programme, the clinic closes its doors for a day every two to three months and employees head into the provinces to offer free dental health care and treatment to underprivileged communities. During some trips, they have examined up to 100 children in one day.

Denriche Asia Dental Clinic director Ai Yamazaki said: “Dr Huang has been very helpful in this area, using his experience with PSE to volunteer in these communities with our clinic. In Japan, we don’t have much experience with voluntary dentistry.”

As part of his commitment to dental care across Cambodia, Dr Huang advises carrying out regular check-ups at the dentist. He adds, “Let’s keep teeth as clean and healthy as possible. Regularly cleaning and check-ups are also very important in dental prevention.”

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