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Dental Tourism in Cambodia with Denriche Asia Dental Clinic

Dental Tourism in Cambodia with Denriche Asia Dental Clinic

Dental Tourism in Cambodia

Dental tourism is a medical travel trend that is on the rise across the globe and Cambodia is the ideal destination, combining high-quality treatment at low-cost prices with the perfect holiday.

As dental costs continue to rise in many countries across the world, patients are seeking to cut down on costs by travelling abroad for treatment. And Cambodia is emerging as a sought-after destination to combine brushing up on the smile with a memorable vacation.

“Many foreigners choose to visit Cambodia because of its climate,” says Ai Yamazaki, director of Japanese-run dental practice Denriche Asia Dental Clinic. “It’s easy to get around, there is a great selection of food, ranging from Khmer and Thai to European dishes, and the country has a rich culture.”

Throw into the mix the fact that dental treatment costs a fraction of the price as it does in more developed countries, such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, the US and many European countries, and Ai says it’s little wonder dental tourism in Cambodia is on the rise.

For example, a complicated tooth extraction can cost up to $400 in Singapore, with the same procedure being billed at $200 at Denriche Asia Dental Clinic. However, despite the lower costs, Ai reassures the quality is not compromised.

“The quality is the same, but the cost is much lower,” she says, adding that the dental clinic adheres to Japan’s high-quality standards. The Cambodian dental clinic, a branch of the headquarters based in Japan, complies with Japanese hygiene standards, uses imported Japanese dental equipment and Japanese dental techniques.

“Our clinic is 100 percent established by Japan,” says Ai. “We do everything the Japanese way and we have experienced dentists from Japan.” She adds that the Cambodian dentists working at Denriche have been trained to Japanese standards, with many travelling to the country for training and long-distance learning also carried out.

Ai says the reason prices for dental care in Cambodia are so competitive is because of the lower cost of running operations, including salaries, rent and other fees.

Patients wanting to travel to Cambodia for dental treatment at Denriche should initially contact the clinic by email, with details of any dental issues that need treating or the type of procedure required. This should be accompanied by an x-ray, although Ai notes any problems cannot be diagnosed online.

A consultation is then booked to fit in with the patient’s travel time, with any subsequent treatment needed carried out. Ai recommends combining this with a holiday to explore the bounty of beauty available across the Kingdom of Wonder. Some international health insurance policies cover dental treatment, so remember to bring any necessary forms.

With Denriche’s extensive services covering everything from bone grafts, implants and extractions, to a range of orthodontic treatments, Ai says the center is receiving more interest from abroad than ever before.

For more information on the quality of dental services on offer in Cambodia please contact Denriche Asia Dental Clinic


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