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AirBnB in Cambodia

AirBnB in Cambodia

AirBnB in Cambodia

The Rise of AirBnB in Cambodia

60 Million AirBnB guests globally according to their website in 2017.

AirBnB in Cambodia is a unique platform to showcase your home and monetize the extra space you have. In this day and age where everybody seems to be on the go, we can’t deny the tendency to desire a piece of cozy and homey space wherever our destination in the world may be, and that’s exactly why people are booking their temporary lodging through Airbnb.

With over 2 Million listed spaces from 150 countries, AirBnB in Cambodia has made an independent community of homeowners willing to open their house to travelers for a small fee. Upon listing, homeowners get to set up their house rules, available amenities, confirm the sleeping arrangements and how many guests they can accommodate. This short-term accommodation varies from a private home, hotel, villa, single apartment and many more options giving both tourists and business travelers the luxury to choose their level of comfort according to their budget, required facilities and even services.

Not only is it practical, but it also gives the guests the opportunity to get a feel of the local neighborhood as most of these homes are privately owned, a good way to feel connected to the country they are traveling in.

AirBnB in Cambodia has successfully created security standards to help keep both guests and homeowners safe. Identification can be uploaded upon sign up, social profiles can be connected, reviews for hosts and guests are also readily available and payments are secured online.

In Cambodia, there are already over 300 homes listed on Airbnb available for booking ranging from $20 to $100 per night. Whether you are on a business trip looking to stay around the Central Business District that is BKK1, touring with your family to see the great Angkor Wat, traveling solo or with friends to party at the hip Pub Street, start your AirBnB search with IPS-Cambodia.

Follow the link here to the full article where you can see some of the handpicked spaces selected by IPS specially for you.