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Cambodia’s Dental Industry Continues To Raise Standards

Cambodia’s Dental Industry Continues To Raise Standards

Cambodia's Dental Industry Continues To Raise Standards

Rejecting early retirement, the founder of Denriche Asia Dental Clinic Dr Shin Kawamoto made it his mission to raise the standards of dental hygiene across Cambodia.

Highly-regarded Japanese dentist Dr Shin Kawamoto had a plan when he opened his first dental clinic in Japan in 2000: to retire at 55-years-old. However, when he hit that age his lifelong pledge to improve dental standards had not waned.

In fact, Dr Shin decided to expand overseas to provide the world-class dental treatment he was famous for in other countries, while also helping to train and educate locals to international levels.

In 2013, he opened a clinic in Hawaii, with the Phnom Penh service welcoming clients in August 2014. Since then, Denriche has helped train many local dental assistants and workers, with a cross-cultural exchange taking place between the two countries.

After graduating from Tokyo Medical Dental University – the world’s second-ranking dental institute – Dr Shin went on to open his first practice in 2000, unveiling a new branch in the country every three consecutive years. There are now seven clinics in Japan, with more than 200 staff employed across all of Denriche’s locations.

As one of Japan’s leading dental clinics, the main practice boasts 18 chairs, covering everything from dedicated surgery and consulting rooms, through to x-ray and anesthetic rooms. All are equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

Noting that Japan’s population is decreasing – one-third of the population is now over the age of 60 – Dr Shin decided to expand overseas. Cambodia appealed as a young country – the average age is 27 compared with 40 in Japan – where the standards of dental care needed lifting.

With decades of experience under his belt, he also wanted to share his wealth of dental knowledge with others and teach younger generations. This, coupled with the ease with which foreign businesses can operate in the country, made Cambodia the perfect location.

And when choosing a spot to set-up back in 2014, Vattanac Capital Tower proved ideal. Then, power cuts were still common, and a reliable electricity source was essential to carry out dental treatments and procedures. Add into the mix Vattanac’s security and central location, and it was selected as the best space to deliver the high-quality Japanese customer service Denriche is renowned for. 

As part of his educational mission, dentists from Japan spend several months working at the Cambodia clinic. And hopes are high that soon Cambodian dental assistants will be able to work in Japan, further expanding their skillset and experience. The Japanese government recently discussed easing restrictions on employing skilled foreign workers from South East Asia from April.

If the move goes ahead, it means workers with higher skills can gain employment in the country, with Denriche pledging to send Cambodian dental assistants to Japan to gain more experience before returning to Cambodia to continue Dr Shin’s goal of raising dental standards on a local level.

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