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Education & Schools in Cambodia

If you are coming to the Kingdom of Wonder to work and have children of school age then finding the best schools in Cambodia will no doubt be of high importance.

Moving countries is tough enough but throw in the mix of a new school, new culture and new curriculum and it can make adjusting to the change very tricky. So in true Your Cambodia fashion we have put together our snapshot of the education system here and some of the best Schools in Cambodia.

For quality education for your children you’ll need to look at enrolling them with one of the various International Schools in Cambodia, so called because they provide an internationally certified curriculum, if you want your children to receive any kind of quality education while in Cambodia then these are the schools you should be considering.

Unfortunately like many things in Cambodia not every school using the word “International” is truly an International School, the Your Cambodia team recommends ISPP, Northbridge, iCan and Canadian International School. Also ACE for English lessons and Nira for younger children are of a very high standard.

Make sure that you visit all potential schools and take a full tour of their facilities. ISPP in particular has some of the most modern and impressive facilities that the Your Cambodia team has seen in the Kingdom.

International Schools not only provide a safe environment for your children and the peace of mind that goes with it but they also provide a multicultural learning environment where children get to mix with both local and other children from ex pat families from all over the world. Also the teaching staffs are usually sourced from a very strong global pool of fully qualified and talented professionals.

Depending on where you are from your children may need to sit an English proficiency exam as all classes are generally taught in English. It is advisable to make sure you have any copies of previous report cards or your child’s education history as the School may need these in order to properly place your child in the suitable level.

Many of the International Schools also provide a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs for your children to join which of course will help to encourage those all-important friendships which will make the experience of moving to a foreign country all the more enriching.

Generally the majority of International Schools are situated in the capital Phnom Penh but there are a few options in both Siem Reap and Sihanoukville such as International School of Siem Reap and Ecole Francaise De Sihanoukville.

Also you may need to consider the distance between your home and your children’s school, certainly in Phnom Penh traffic congestion can make the shortest of journeys become a frustrating grind so looking for a home in relative close proximity to your children’s school is advisable. The majority of the International Schools in Phnom Penh are located on the outskirts of the city.

We hope you found this snapshot useful and we will be expanding on this topic in the future, if there is anything you would like to add or if you have any questions for the team please drop us a comment and don’t forget to live it, love it and share it on social media with us.