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Mobile & Internet in Cambodia

Mobile phones and internet providers in Cambodia are big business indeed. It seems as if nearly every main road or boulevard has some kind of promotion from an internet providers in Cambodia every day, if you haven’t noticed this yet then the thumping music and brightly colored t-shirts of the staff handing out fliers is usually a pretty good give away.

For a country with a relatively small population the battle for supremacy in the mobile phone market seems to be one of the most competitive we have ever seen.

So if you are new to the Kingdom which mobile network or which one of the many internet providers in Cambodia should you chose and why?



Launched in 1998 Cellcard claims to be Cambodia’s most reliable telecoms operator of 2017 and Cambodia’s fastest mobile network provider at the Speed test awards. Currently offering international roaming, international calls and tourist sim packages they are certainly a top contender when it comes to choosing a network provider.

Their main office is located on Sihanouk Boulevard here in Phnom Penh and their staff are friendly with good English.

Currently offering premium call rates at between 50 cents and US $1 per minuet in South East Asia and between 60 cents to US $1 a minute to call the USA or Europe, weekends are generally at the cheaper end of the scale and they have both pre-paid and post-paid options.

They currently offer three tourist sim options ranging from free, $2 or $5 depending on what data, VOIP or validity bundles you are looking for.

For the most up to date information on Cellcard’s packages and pricing please visit their website here.



Part of the Axiata Berhad group and currently boasting over 8 million subscribers under the “Smart brand” they are certainly a giant in the South East Asia telecommunications industry.

Smart offer two tourist sims, one free & one $5 both with varying data, validity and social media packages. If you activate the Smart international service they offer calls to 15 countries for just 3 cents per minute or 7 cents per minute to 20 countries.   

Their head office is based on the southern side of Monivong Boulevard which is fairly far away from the central city.

For the most up to date information on Smart’s packages and pricing please visit their website here.



Part of the Viettel group Metfone has seen a decline in recent years when it comes to public popularity however they do apparently have very good provincial coverage here in Cambodia should you require it.

Their head office is on Mao Tse Toung Boulevard. Currently offering a 3 cents per minute to call 27 countries package and with both pre & post-paid roaming options Metfone may well be worth a try depending on which network your friends are on here in the Kingdom.

For the most up to date information on Metfone’s packages and pricing please visit their website here.


Those are the top three picks from the Your Cambodia team in no specific order, we will of course be updating this section whenever possible and we will share our content both on our website and social media channels with you.