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Insurance in Cambodia

One of the most important and most overlooked factors of living in The Kingdom of Wonder is of course insurance in Cambodia.

While I’m sure the majority of you wouldn’t dream of leaving your home countries without adequate travel insurance this will only cover you while you are initially hospitalized but will not cover any rehabilitation process and will probably include a clause stating that you will be sent back to your home country to continue your recovery from any serious accident.

So if you are planning on settling in The Kingdom of Wonder for a fairly long period then the Your Cambodia team strongly advises that you purchase the proper insurance in Cambodia for heath, home or your vehicle.

We can tell you from experience that we know first-hand not only what it is like to be enjoying the sunshine, the beaches and the relatively cheap beer but we also know what it is like when serious accidents occur. We can’t tell you how many times over the years we have seen people put off buying health insurance only to regret it when an accident occurs. So make sure you prioritise this.

Needless to say health care facilities in Cambodia are modest at best and we know of more than one person here that has been involved in a serious accident of some kind only to then find they have been airlifted to Singapore or Bangkok. Now these helicopters aren’t cheap and can add tens of thousands of dollars to a medical bill so with that in mind it would be advisable to contact at least one of the below firms for a quotation.


In terms of providers Infinity Insurance is the Your Cambodia teams Insurer of choice for ex pat health insurance and for any business insurance needs. We personally use Infinity for our personal and company insurance and have always been pleased with their services.

Infinity provide not only health insurance with competitive plans and pricing but also motor, car, travel and home and contents insurance.

Please follow the link here to view their website and contact their team. Their head office is in Phnom Penh.   

Other providers worth considering are.


Forte who provide ex pat health insurance as well as travel, personal accident and fire & perils cover.

Please follow the link here to view their website and contact their team.


AG Cambodia has long been a popular insurance broker for ex pats here in Cambodia, and with connections to all of the big insurance firms here we’d certainly recommend contacting them for some advice.

Please follow the link here to view their website and contact their team.


If you have any information regarding insurance in Cambodia or you would like to share your experiences with us please feel free to get in contact and live it, love it and share it with our team.