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Health & fitness is an important factor in life in any country in the world, together with our page sponsor Denriche Asia we’ll be bringing you regular articles to help guide you through this particular industry in Cambodia. 

Below are a few more interesting businesses in the health and fitness world that may interest you.

So if you are into your 50 cent draft beers and cheap cigarettes look away now as this is the Your Cambodia snapshot to health and fitness in Cambodia.



There are plenty of gyms of varying degrees of quality here in Cambodia’s capital city. There are very cheap local gyms that can cost as little as $1 or less per time right through to international standard fully kitted out super gyms. Our favorite 3 are listed below.


Physique Club.

Hotel Cambodiana’s physique club is a firm favourite of the Your Cambodia team. If you can train on your own schedule then this is a great place as off peak hours are generally very quiet.

The gym is fully kitted out with Cybex equipment which despite its age is in very good condition.  They have a decent sized swimming pool at the back and sauna & steam facilities in the changing rooms. They are open from 6am – 10pm at night and Physique club offers a range of classes including aerobics and yoga. They have a spa facility and personal training also.

For full information on memberships please click on the link here


The Place.

Arguably Phnom Penh’s most modern and luxurious gym facility, they have two locations, one in BKK and one in Toul Kork. Both locations are fully kitted out with state of the art Technogym equipment along with almost every class imaginable, sauna steam and mini Olympic swimming pool. It’s certainly not cheap but it you do get what you pay for.   

For full information on memberships please click on the link here.



Slightly further south than the previous two but certainly with all the modern facilities is Superfit on Mao Tse Toung Boulevard. This is a mega gym with all the top end equipment, classes and steam & sauna facilities to go with it. Superfit quite often has deals on for new members so don’t forget to check it out when doing your research.

Their website was under construction at the time of writing but you can check out their facebook page here


Healthy Eating


After all that exercise no doubt you’ll be in need of the right nutrition to go with it so below we have listed some of our favorite places to get that essential nutrition hit in.


Java Café.

A long term favourite ex pat Café Java really has it locked down when it comes to consistent quality of food. Prices are reasonable and they have many healthy shakes, salads & other healthy goodies on offer. Java is a creative café which houses local art up stairs; they are open 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm and are located on Sihanouk Boulevard between Norodom Boulevard & Naga World.

To check out what’s new with Java have a look at their facebook page here.



Opened in 2013 Artillery has both a Phnom Penh and Siem Reap café. Again they are a creative hub for the arts here in Cambodia and offer food classes, wellness events and detox programs.

Artillery will tell you themselves that their plant-based, lifestyle-focused menu brings together their knowledge of vegetarian, vegan and raw food into quirky and satisfying dishes. Their recipes incorporate nutrient-dense ‘superfoods’ and stay true to our focus on organic, local ingredients whenever possible. With that in mind the Your Cambodia team can certainly recommend you head down to their café to try some super delicious and healthy food.

The Phnom Penh café is located in the small alleyway just off street 240.

For the latest on what the Artillery team have in store for you check out their website here.


Natural Garden.

If you have the time to cook your healthy meals at home then Natural Garden is well worth stopping by. They currently have 4 stores open in Phnom Penh, 2 in BKK and a Toul Kork and Toul Tom Pong Store. Natural Garden stocks many organic fruit and veg products as well as coconut oils, moringa, almond milk and all kinds of healthy products. They also offer a home delivery service from $30 and up.

To find out more about Natural Garden or to locate your nearest store checkout their site here.


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