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Wat Damnak

If you are looking to visit places that aren’t listed in every Siem Reap travel guide then Your Cambodia can suggest a few places to help you get off the beaten track…… here is one of them. 

Wat Damnak is just over the river from Psar Chas and not far from Kings Road Angkor. There are multiple gates around the grounds from which you can enter the Wat.

Inside the main compound you can find the Wat Damnak Learning Centre, Primary School and the Council of Monks on Angkor Pagoda Affairs (CoMAPA), each with their own building.

There is a small lake with fish and turtles swimming inside as well as many stupas and some Chinese Khmer grave stones.

The Wat its self is fairly large inside and across the road is the crematorium building.

We found many of the younger monks that were walking around the grounds were friendly and inquisitive with good English and some even chatted with us about the Barcelona football team in an attempt to practice their English.

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Wat Damnak, Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

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