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The temple of Bakong is the largest of the Roluos Group temples, located 13km east of Siem Reap town on the road towards Phnom Penh. Roluos was the first capital of the Angkorian era in Cambodian history, it was established as Hariharalaya by Jayavarman II in the early 9th century and later the temple of Bakong was built in 881 CE. by Indravarman I but was added to by successive kings until around the 12th century.

Bakong was the first temple to use the five peaked temple mountain design, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, the temple served as the state temple of Indravarman I and later kings. Impressively tall, the temple is constructed in latherite and sandstone, there are 3 enclosures and originally there were 2 moats surrounding the temple, the inner one is now dry and has steps up to the temple. Inside the inner enclosure there are eight brick towers with striking red colouring.

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Bakong Temple, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

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