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Shooting Range

One of Cambodia’s more infamous activities, there is more than one shooting range outside Phnom Penh all of which offer the chanced to experience firing all manner of weaponry.

The most favoured of which are the RPG’s, M16’s and of course the iconic AK-47 assault rifle.

Almost every tuk tuk or taxi driver will be able to take you to one of these locations however agreeing the price for transportation to & from your selected shooting range is well advised.

The price of ammunition does fluctuate be prepared to spend at least $50 per full clip.

During rainy/low season be sure to check with your driver or hotel/guesthouse that the shooting range is open for business.

During filming the shooting range we visited was under renovation and it was rainy season, during the dry months it can be very hot here. 

The Your Cambodia team does not endorse or encourage the use of fire arms in any way other than under the supervision of trained instructors as was the case when shooting our video. 

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