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Phnom Bakheng

There is simply no better place to be for a sunset at Angkor Wat than Phnom Bakheng. The views across the Angkor complex are simply outstanding but be warned if you want to guarantee a place you will need to get there early as this place fills up fast. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of tourists will be lining up to take their place for this event.

Due to this large number of visitors Bakheng has become one of the most threatened of all temples.

The temple sits at the top of a hill which after a long day trekking around the temples will feel like a mountain to walk up but rest assured you will be rewarded at the top.

You can if you wish take one of the elephant rides up to the top of the hill at a current rate of $20 per person.

Bakheng is both a Hindu and Buddhist temple dedicated to Shiva and was built in the 9th Century.

Do make sure that you are wearing clothing that covers your knees as one of our team found out to their peril. If you don’t respect the dress code you will not be allowed to the top and waiting for your friends to tell you how much fun they had is not fun.

The hilltop temple mountain of Phnom Bakheng was the first temple to be built in the Angkor area, the capital was moved from near Roluos to Phnom Bakheng in 893 CE. during the reign of Yasovarman I.

For more information on Bakheng and its history please follow the link here.


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Phnom Bakheng Temple, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

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