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Kulen Mountain

Kulen Mountain (Phnom Kulen) range is located 30 km northwards from Angkor Wat. Its name means “mountain of the lychees“. There is a sacred hilltop site on top of the range.

Kulen Mountain is considered a holy mountain in Cambodia, of special religious significance to Hindus and Buddhists who come to the mountain in pilgrimage.

Kulen Mountain features the famed 1000 linga and also a beautiful waterfall. The area is very popular with tourists and locals alike and can become very busy and crowded on public holidays.

It also has a major symbolic importance for Cambodians as the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire, for it was at Phnom Kulen that King Jayavarma II proclaimed independence from Java in 804 CE. Jayavarman II initiated the Devaraja cult of the king, a linga cult, in what is dated as 804 CE and declaring his independence from Java of whom the Khmer had been a vassalage state.

The journey up the mountain is breathtakingly beautiful with a good track road and lots of forested areas to drive through. We decided to take a tour guide in a rented Jeep which was perfect especially if you will be bringing any camera equipment with you like we did.

There is a picnic spot at the top also where you can unwind in a gazebo by the river and rehydrate.

Your Cambodia highly recommends a trip to Kulen Mountain during your stay in Siem Reap, but please do check the weather report before hand as monsoon rains can make it fairly difficult.   

For more detailed information regarding this historical Cambodian site please follow the link here.

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Phnum Kulen, Cambodia

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