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Koh Rong

These days it’s hard to believe there was a time when the Sihanoukville to Koh Rong journey took two hours and the only people traveling to the island regularly enough were divers on slow fishing style boats. 

These days Koh Rong can be reached from Sihanoukville in under 45 minutes and houses an array of activities, accommodation and of course beaches.

Koh Rong has seven bays and at night you can see fluorescent plankton in the waters just off the coast.

Each bay has something unique to offer. Koh Touch is the main drop off point on the island and houses an almost “pirate town” like atmosphere with an interesting array of characters and very touristy vibe. There are plenty of mini marts, restaurants and hangouts along this stretch of beach with some accommodation further up.  It’s not uncommon in the high season to arrive here and be handed fliers for parties as soon as you get off the boat so if peace and quiet is what your after then one of the other beaches on the island is probably a better choice.

After Koh Touch the other beaches are Long Beach (Sok San), Long Set Beach (4k Beach), Coconut Beach, Lonely Beach and Palm Beach to name a few, all with different atmosphere’s and accommodation. We stayed on Coconut Beach and loved the remoteness and peace and quiet here. It was a perfect place to launch our daily adventures to other beaches around the island.

Please remember there are no ATM’s on the island so take all the money you will need with you but there is WIFI in many of the resorts however the quality of service is very limited.

For more information on Koh Rong please follow the link here.


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Koh Rong, Sihanoukville, Cambodia