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Cambodia Shooting Range & Karting Circuit

Cambodia Shooting Range & Karting Circuit

At the Cambodia shooting range & Go Karting circuit the Your Cambodia Team discovers there’s more to Phnom Penh than culture and cuisine.

For those of you looking for the most thrilling Phnom Penh attractions , this vlog is the one for you. By no means do we at Your Cambodia  endorse the unlawful use of firearms. However Cambodia is home to more than one licensed shooting range where you can experience what it’s like to fire a variety of weapons under supervision from the trained staff. The kingdom may be known for its laid back lifestyle but for thrill-seeking travelers, Cambodia Shooting Range is a popular destination.

If you’re brave enough to battle your way down Russian Boulevard past the airport and through the notoriously congested traffic, a day out at the Cambodia shooting range & Cambodia Karting Circuit should provide even the biggest adrenaline junkie with their fix. You will certainly need to allow at least an hour or so to get there by tuk tuk or moto, and in the case of the Go Kart track it’s advisable to call ahead and book as they may be fully booked during the dry season or closed during certain months of the rainy season.

Starting at Cambodia Karting Circuit, each race is ten minutes long and cost $18 per race at the time of publishing. Trust us when we say these karts can really move. We did it in the wet and dry, and both were equally as exhilarating. The wet provides an opportunity to go skidding through puddles and cause serious havoc while the dry laps can see you hit some serious top speeds down the straights. Helmets and jumpsuits are provided for safety reasons, and to help avoid getting your clothes dirty.

Cambodia Shooting Range is located just down the road, and pick-up can be arranged from the Go Kart track. The range was under renovation when we were there. At the range there are a variety of weapons with hand guns and automatic rifles being the most popular. The AK47 and M16 assault rifles generally attract the most interest.  

Even under the supervision of the instructors, we can tell you that hitting the targets isn’t as easy as you may think. These weapons pack a serious punch and are to be handled with care, but it’s certainly an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Wearing ear defenders provided by the staff is a must unless you’d like to spend the next 48 hours with tinnitus.

We’ve decided we won’t post pictures of any submissions featuring the shooting range but if you do experience Go Karting then certainly don’t forget to live it love it and share it with us at Your Cambodia  


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