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YC Behind The Scenes 1.

YC Behind The Scenes 1.

This video is a quick behind the scenes look at some of the fun we had travelling in Cambodia in the early days of setting up the Your Cambodia website.

Largely made from clips filmed in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap & the coast and across both the rainy season and the dry season.

We produced this video fairly quickly and just for entertainment purposes only just to give a brief glimpse into the lives of the YC team.

One thing that it doesn’t show are the hours and hours of lugging around equipment and waiting to get shots with our cameras, nor does it show how tired we are at the end of long days but still, we can always produce a video that highlights all of these factors, although it may not be he most entertaining. 

Although there are scenes from us at the shooting range, we strongly point out that in no way does Your Cambodia encourage or glorify firearms and we were under the supervision of an instructor at all times in a controlled environment. 

As always we hope that you enjoy our videos and let us know if you have lived it, loved it and shared it on social media.  

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